Product Spotlight

TikTok’s New Favorite Pen

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably know how to write. Maybe you even do it with some regularity. You’re a “writer,” one could say. And there comes a point in the lives of most writers when they chance upon an exceptionally good pen. One that glides across the page like ice. One that does exactly what they want it to do. After a revelation like that, they hold on to that pen until it’s bone dry. They may, for the first time in their life, take notice of the actual brand. They may ask “Where can I get more?” It’s a tale as old as time.

This is precisely what happened to Sam Hart, viral TikTok user and calligraphy aficionado. On April 30th, she uploaded a TikTok (@thesam_show) singing the praises of a particularly smooth promo pen she received from her new apartment building. Coincidentally, her workplace assigned her to a merchandise campaign for their brand, and she pitched her new favorite writing instrument. Naturally, they were a big hit. “I am the most popular person in the office because I am the one who procured these pens,” Sam proclaims proudly. “I’m a hero, in fact.”

The TikTok blew up over the next few days, now sitting at 1.5 million likes and 8500 comments . Like the hero she is, Sam later posted a follow-up with the product name – the BIC Intensity Clic Gel Pen, or ICLGEL – and ended it with a writing demonstration. 

The pen is exclusively supplied by Koozie Group and only available in bulk quantities as a promotional item. Luckily, that happens to be our specialty. Here you’ll find the pen in question, available in a wide range of colors with your brand’s logo printed on them. Of all the promo products out there, there aren’t many that inspire as much passion as a good pen, and the ICLGEL pen is among the best.

Get Your Pride Promo Items Now!

Pride month is right around the corner, and now is the best time to think of ways to incorporate LGBT support and awareness in your branding. If you want your business involved in fundraisers or rallies, or are simply looking to show support for a good cause, you’ll want to order those items soon! Production on custom promo items takes time, so we at Snap Promotions recommend planning these orders well in advance. That way, you’ll have them by the time they’re most effective and relevant.

Speaking of promo items, Snap offers several high-quality pride and rainbow-themed products that are perfect for any Pride Month event or promo campaign. A popular choice is the LGBTQ+ 4″x6″ Pride Flag, which comes with a 12″ wooden pole sporting your brand’s custom design. It’s a particularly good option for rallies or parades! For something more understated, these Pride Buttons are a simple, affordable option. They’re the kind of buttons that stay fastened to backpacks and totes for years, which is pretty good mileage for a promotional item. Speaking of bags, check out our Progress Pride Laminated Fashion Tote Bag for a handy option for any pride event.

Or, might I interest you in apparel of the headgear variety? Consider these Rainbow Bucket Hats, which are reversible, breathable, and available in various pride-themed color schemes. We also offer rainbow-colored Trucker Caps, with a mesh back and stylish rainbow flat-billed visor. While flags and such are excellent for parades and other pride events, apparel like these are more likely to be worn year-round.

My personal favorite in our store is the Rainbow Socks with Full Pride Flag, one of our best-selling Cotton Crew socks. They’re fully custom-knit socks that come in a variety of lengths and colorful styles, while coming with a “Walk the Pride” header card on the packaging. Lots of people love funky, colorful socks, and these scratch that itch.

As I’d be remiss to mention, we have far more rainbow and pride-related items for sale on our online shop! Wristbands, phone wallets, lapel pins, keychains – if you can think of a promotional product, there’s a good chance we have a rainbow variant perfect for your needs. Remember, you’ll want to order them soon!

Product Spotlight: Custom Printed Stanley Mugs and Pelican Tumblers

Stanley QuenchersFor over a century, the Stanley stainless-steel water bottle was a favorite among blue-collar laborers and outdoorsmen; they were insulated enough to stay cold after a day in the sun, while durable enough for lifelong use. But, if you’re reading this in 2024 or beyond, that probably isn’t the demographic or lifestyle you associate with the Stanley brand. In recent years Stanley cups have exploded in popularity, riding a wave of viral marketing, health-based social media trends, and a growing interest in sustainability. TikTok became plastered with personalized Stanley collections, particularly among health-conscious young women (counter to decades of masculine marketing). This widespread, consumerist fervor skyrocketed Stanley’s revenue from $70 million in 2019 to $750 million in 2023 (source: CNBC).

Likely as a result of their overnight success, Stanley products are notorious for their scarcity. Their most popular item four-years-running, the enormous 40 oz. Quencher, is chronically out of stock. New and limited edition colorations seem to disappear from stores as soon as they arrive, with many becoming pricey collector’s items in a booming resale market. Their popularity and utility make them excellent promotional items with a custom imprint or engraving. While owning a Quencher undoubtedly comes with a certain status, Stanley isn’t the only name in the game. If you’re shopping for a stainless-steel insulated water jug that somehow fits in your cupholder, you won’t need to look too hard for quality alternatives.

A fantastic option we’d like to showcase is the 40 oz. Pelican Porter. It shares all the functionality and practicality of the Quencher, while boasting more consistent availability and 18 different color options. Here at Snap, we’re such fans of the Pelican Porter that we’ve used it for both personal use and our own self-promo. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either option. If you think your business might benefit from quality tumblers with your logo for a promotional giveaway, not only do we agree, but we’re happy to help!

Custom Fidget Spinners

People ask us all the time, “What’s new?”

There are always new products available in the promotional products industry, but every couple years an item comes along and takes the promotional products industry by storm. This year will be the year of the Fidget Spinner. Every time we get a sample, one of our kids grabs it and proceeds to play with it for hours. Our manufacturers have been selling them as quickly as they can produce them. We’ve been hesitant to recommend them for projects because it’s been hit or miss if we could get them. They’re that hot.

The good news is that production seems to have caught up with demand. We have several suppliers with plenty of stock. So if you want the current hot item, just let us know. We’re happy to help!


Quick Ideas for Holiday Gifts

I’m full of pumpkin pie and glad to be working inside on this cold Kansas day. I’m not sure that I’m emotionally prepared for the holidays yet. Santa seems to have been busy the last few months filming dozens of commercials. I hope he’s had time to run the North Pole. I’ve been a good boy this year.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to turn our attention to business gifts. If you haven’t ordered your corporate holiday gifts yet, there’s still time. If you’re needing gifts for your employees, clients or prospects, we’ve got some great ideas for you. And all of these items can be decorated and shipped in less than five working days.

Recycled Cardboard MousepadsRecycled Cardboard Mousepads
Made from 100% recycled cardboard, this promotional gift is both eco-friendly and affordable. Features the universal recycling symbol debossed on the mousepad. Easy to mail or to include with other promotional materials. Can be debossed with your logo and company slogan. Order as few as 144 mousepads for $2.63 each plus setup charges and S&H. The USB mouse is not included, but we can do those too!

Bamboo Photo FrameBamboo Photo Frame
This Bamboo Photo Frame is as handsome as it is  useful. This will truly be an appreciated gift. Bamboo is an easily renewable resource, making this frame another eco-friendly holiday item. Laser etched with your logo, this frame will proudly display your brand and a 4″ x 6″ photo. Includes easel stand for vertical or horizontal display. Order as few as 60 frames for $10.60 each plus setup charges and S&H.

Garrity Lithium White LED Keychain LiteGarrity Lithium White LED Keychain Lite
This L.E.D. light is the brightest and whitest available. Built to provide more than 23 hours of continuous light and years of intermittent light. Features a push-button switch and two lithium button cell batteries included (refillable). Available in blue or white. A useful promotional gift. I use my keychain light all the time! Order as few as 48 keychains for $2.23 each plus setup charges and S&H.

Crossing Excursion Bottle SetCrossing Excursion Bottle Set
This multi-piece set includes: 34-oz. bottle; 83″ x 51″ safety blanket; flashlight (2 AA batteries included); sewing kit (consisting of red, black, and white thread, 2 white buttons, 1 safety pin, and 2 needles); blinking safety light to attach to a belt or purse strap with on/off switch (2 AA batteries included); multi-function whistle with integrated thermometer (Fahrenheit and Celsius readings), compass, and magnifying glass; and pocket knife consisting of 1 large blade, can opener, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, awl, corkscrew, tweezers, and tooth pick. Whew! Order as few as 48 gift sets for $18.57 each plus setup charges and S&H.

Credit Card Size Bottle OpenerCredit Card Size Bottle Opener
Not that we would ever advocate drinking a bottled beverage or two, but many people seem to like to partake in this activity. Especially around the holidays. And when they do, they’ll need a bottle opener with your logo on it. This stainless steel bottle opener fits in a wallet credit card slot. A high-quality and durable giveaway, this bottle opener can be laser etched with your brand. Order as few as 288 bottle openers for $2.77 each plus setup charges and S&H.

Essential Organic Cotton Carry-All ToteEssential Organic Cotton Carry-All Tote
Made from factory certified 100% organic cotton, this eco-friendly tote features a large main compartment, and durable and soft cotton cording handles attached to the bag with grommet accents. Organic cotton farming techniques maintain soil fertility and reduce toxic pesticides and insecticides that pollute our air and water. This tote is approximately 15″ x 13″ x 4″. Order as few as 48 organic cotton totes for $8.60 each plus setup charges and S&H.

This is just a start. Let us know a little about your corporate gift giving needs and we’d be happy to share some more ideas. Now is the time, whether you’re ready for the holidays or not!

Full Color Napkins

Full Color NapkinsOver the years, one of the most difficult products to find for our clients has been napkins with a full color imprint. You typically have to order very large quantities, and often the print quality has been below our expectations. We had stopped offering full color napkins to our clients because we just couldn’t find a product we were proud to sell.

But no more! We are excited to announce that we have found an excellent source for full color napkins.

The print quality is very nice, and best of all, you can order as few as 100 of these custom printed napkins. Napkins are white, and available in all three traditional sizes: cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins and dinner napkins.

Give us a call or email us for details!

Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Halloween BagsToday is the first day of fall, which means that Halloween is just around the corner. If your business is looking for some great Halloween bags to give out this month, we’ve got some excellent options for you.

12″ x 15″ x 3″ Plastic Due Cut Handle Bag
Available in both an orange and a white 2.5 mil plastic, these are our most popular Halloween bags. Available with stock artwork, safety tips and room for your logo.

11″ x 15″ Silver Reflective Bags
Made from 2.5 mil reflective silver plastic, these bags include die cut handles and a stock design that includes educational safety tips for trick-or-treaters. Plenty of room for your logo on the back.

13″ x 15″ x 3″ Non-Woven Due Cut Handle Bag
Our popular Halloween Die Cut Handle Bag is now available in 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene. These bags are durable and recyclable. Includes a recycled logo imprinted on both sides of bag.

Frosted Pumpkin Shopper Halloween Bags10″ x 13″ x 5″ Orange Frosted Shopper
This is my personal favorite of all of our Halloween bags — the Orange Frosted Shopper. A smiling pumpkin greets young and old on this 3.0 mil plastic bag with black soft loop handles. Educational safety tips on opposite side of bag with space above to add your custom imprint.

Most of our Halloween Bags feature stock artwork and allow room to imprint your custom logo. It’s time to get your boo on!

We’ve Got Spirit, How ’bout You?

Can you believe it’s August already? Though as it’s expected to hit 110 degrees here in Lawrence today, I’m looking forward to fall and cooler temperatures. And speaking of cool, we’ve got some cool ideas for showing your school spirit this fall.

BPA Free Tritan Water Bottles

BPA Free Tritan Water Bottles
While CamelBak and Nalgene Water Bottles remain among our most popular water bottles, we also offer a great new line of sleek and durable water bottles. Made from BPA free Tritan Copolyester, these bottles are available in a variety of beautiful colors and styles. And replacing disposable plastic water bottles is eco-friendly.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Aluminum and Stainless Water Bottles
While we’re talking water bottles, we might as well show off some of our popular aluminum and stainless steel water bottles. Available in many colors, shapes and sizes, these bottles are an excellent alternative to plastic water bottles. A great giveaway at pep rallies or to use as a school fundraiser.

Non-Woven Two-Tone Drawstring Sports PackDrawstring Backpacks
A great choice when promoting school spirit, drawstring backpacks are ideal for sports teams and youth groups. Many backpacks are available in non-woven polypropylene, making them eco-friendly and recyclable. Available in many colors and styles. The backpack featured here is the Non-Woven Two-Tone Drawstring Sports Pack. This pack is made from 80 gram non-woven, water-resistant polypropylene, and features an outside pocket, reinforced eyelets and drawstring closure. Available in red, apple green, orange, purple, yellow, blue and forest green.

Foam FingersFoam Fingers
Is your team number one in your heart? Let everyone know how you really feel with foam fingers and foam cheering mitts. Available in many colors, sizes and shapes, foam cheering products are a great way to make a big impression. Includes a hand slit for easy cheering. You’ll have your opponents shaking in their boots once they realize they’re playing number one!

Stadium CushionsStadium Cushions
While I love watching football, I’m not a fan of the bleachers without my trusty stadium cushion! A great way to promote your business and your team spirit, print your logo on one side and your mascot on the other. Great for pep rallies or as a school fundraiser, stadium cushions will keep your fans comfortable while they cheer on their favorite team. Available in different sizes, styles and thicknesses. I prefer mine as thick and soft as possible.

Gildan HoodieTeam Apparel
Whether your team consists of your staff or your football team, apparel is a great way to display your school spirit. We offer both screen printing and embroidery on a wide range of items including t-shirts, polos, hoodies, boxers, sweats, headware, shorts, wind jackets and much more. Pictured is the Gildan Heavy Blend Fleece Hoodie. Made from a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, this 7.75 oz. brushed back jersey fleece includes a hood neck with drawstring, front pouch pocket, spandex reinforced rib knit cuffs and waistband, double-needle cover-stitched armholes, cuffs and waistband.

This is only a small sampling of the products that can be used to show your school spirit. Let your imagination run wild, or better yet, let ours. We’re brimming with fresh and creative ideas for your next promotion or event.

Hot Promos for Summer 2011

With Memorial Day now behind us, it’s time to look for some great ideas for your summer promos. Below are just a few of our favorites for the summer of 2011!

CamelBak Water BottlesCamelBak Water Bottles
According to Green Your Way, Americans consume approximately 50 billion bottles of water per year, and the majority of these bottles head straight for a landfill. That’s a lot of waste. And in our minds, a wasted opportunity. Promoting your business with reusable water bottles is both eco-friendly and effective. Many styles and materials exist for promotional water bottles, but our favorite is the CamelBak Water Bottle. These are BPA-free and made from Tritan Copolyester. CamelBak is a popular and trusted brand by camping enthusiasts. Imprinted with your logo, this is an item your clients will keep and use for years to come.

For additional suggestions, we offer Nalgene Water Bottles, aluminum water bottles, stainless steel water bottles, and a broad assortment of BPA-free hard and soft plastic water bottles.

Fiesta 12-Pack Kooler from KoozieFiesta 12-Pack Kooler from Koozie
Summer is an excellent time for travel, picnics and days at the beach or the lake. And it’s important to keep your food and beverages cold. Made by Koozie from 70D nylon, these high-quality insulated bags feature a front zippered pocket, watertight main compartment capable of holding 12 cans, and 1/4″ foam insulation. Available in green, black, red and blue. A useful item that offers repeat exposure to your logo and promotional message.

BBQ SetsBBQ Sets
A great choice for outdoor events and company picnics would be a custom printed BBQ Set. Promotional BBQ Sets are available in dozens of styles, configurations and price points. This particular set includes a durable 300D polyester carry case with zippered closure, exterior storage pocket and 12″ webbing handles. Set components made of stainless steel with hardwood handles and include spatula, fork, tongs, basting brush and four skewers. Your logo can be imprinted on the outside of the carrying case to make this an excellent promotional gift.

Shady .5 oz. Sun Screen with CarabinerShady .5 oz. Sun Screen with Carabiner
Protecting your clients in the hot summer sun is always a great plan. We offer a variety of sun screen products, and our favorite is the Shady Sun Screen with Carabiner. Available with your choice of SPF15 or SPF30 sun screen, these promotional bottles are handy as they can clip directly to a golf bag, backpack or purse with the attached carabiner clip. Sun screen is water-resistant and sweat-resistant.

Mesh Beach ChairMesh Beach Chair
Nothing says summer like a Mesh Beach Chair. This low-slung beach chair is designed for complete comfort and relaxation. Includes a padded headrest, mesh insert in seat and 210D nylon carry bag with white strap and drawstring. The chair is made from powder coated steal and 600D polyester. Available in your choice of red, royal blue and khaki. The headrest and carrying bag can be imprinted with your logo.

Baseball ToteBaseball Tote
Totes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. And now you can get a tote that looks like a baseball! This tote is 19″ diameter x 6″ deep, and made from durable 80 GSM nonwoven polypropylene. This is an eco-friendly product as well. The nonwoven polypropylene is 100% recyclable and made from 40% pre-consumer recycled product. Features 28″ handles. This would be a great gift at outdoor events, baseball tournaments, company picnics and festivals.

Additional tote options include a variety of shopping and insulated totes made from nonwoven polypropylene, cotton canvas and polyester.