TikTok’s New Favorite Pen

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably know how to write. Maybe you even do it with some regularity. You’re a “writer,” one could say. And there comes a point in the lives of most writers when they chance upon an exceptionally good pen. One that glides across the page like ice. One that does exactly what they want it to do. After a revelation like that, they hold on to that pen until it’s bone dry. They may, for the first time in their life, take notice of the actual brand. They may ask “Where can I get more?” It’s a tale as old as time.

This is precisely what happened to Sam Hart, viral TikTok user and calligraphy aficionado. On April 30th, she uploaded a TikTok (@thesam_show) singing the praises of a particularly smooth promo pen she received from her new apartment building. Coincidentally, her workplace assigned her to a merchandise campaign for their brand, and she pitched her new favorite writing instrument. Naturally, they were a big hit. “I am the most popular person in the office because I am the one who procured these pens,” Sam proclaims proudly. “I’m a hero, in fact.”

The TikTok blew up over the next few days, now sitting at 1.5 million likes and 8500 comments . Like the hero she is, Sam later posted a follow-up with the product name – the BIC Intensity Clic Gel Pen, or ICLGEL – and ended it with a writing demonstration. 

The pen is exclusively supplied by Koozie Group and only available in bulk quantities as a promotional item. Luckily, that happens to be our specialty. Here you’ll find the pen in question, available in a wide range of colors with your brand’s logo printed on them. Of all the promo products out there, there aren’t many that inspire as much passion as a good pen, and the ICLGEL pen is among the best.

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