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TikTok’s New Favorite Pen

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably know how to write. Maybe you even do it with some regularity. You’re a “writer,” one could say. And there comes a point in the lives of most writers when they chance upon an exceptionally good pen. One that glides across the page like ice. One that does exactly what they want it to do. After a revelation like that, they hold on to that pen until it’s bone dry. They may, for the first time in their life, take notice of the actual brand. They may ask “Where can I get more?” It’s a tale as old as time.

This is precisely what happened to Sam Hart, viral TikTok user and calligraphy aficionado. On April 30th, she uploaded a TikTok (@thesam_show) singing the praises of a particularly smooth promo pen she received from her new apartment building. Coincidentally, her workplace assigned her to a merchandise campaign for their brand, and she pitched her new favorite writing instrument. Naturally, they were a big hit. “I am the most popular person in the office because I am the one who procured these pens,” Sam proclaims proudly. “I’m a hero, in fact.”

The TikTok blew up over the next few days, now sitting at 1.5 million likes and 8500 comments . Like the hero she is, Sam later posted a follow-up with the product name – the BIC Intensity Clic Gel Pen, or ICLGEL – and ended it with a writing demonstration. 

The pen is exclusively supplied by Koozie Group and only available in bulk quantities as a promotional item. Luckily, that happens to be our specialty. Here you’ll find the pen in question, available in a wide range of colors with your brand’s logo printed on them. Of all the promo products out there, there aren’t many that inspire as much passion as a good pen, and the ICLGEL pen is among the best.

Get Your Pride Promo Items Now!

Pride month is right around the corner, and now is the best time to think of ways to incorporate LGBT support and awareness in your branding. If you want your business involved in fundraisers or rallies, or are simply looking to show support for a good cause, you’ll want to order those items soon! Production on custom promo items takes time, so we at Snap Promotions recommend planning these orders well in advance. That way, you’ll have them by the time they’re most effective and relevant.

Speaking of promo items, Snap offers several high-quality pride and rainbow-themed products that are perfect for any Pride Month event or promo campaign. A popular choice is the LGBTQ+ 4″x6″ Pride Flag, which comes with a 12″ wooden pole sporting your brand’s custom design. It’s a particularly good option for rallies or parades! For something more understated, these Pride Buttons are a simple, affordable option. They’re the kind of buttons that stay fastened to backpacks and totes for years, which is pretty good mileage for a promotional item. Speaking of bags, check out our Progress Pride Laminated Fashion Tote Bag for a handy option for any pride event.

Or, might I interest you in apparel of the headgear variety? Consider these Rainbow Bucket Hats, which are reversible, breathable, and available in various pride-themed color schemes. We also offer rainbow-colored Trucker Caps, with a mesh back and stylish rainbow flat-billed visor. While flags and such are excellent for parades and other pride events, apparel like these are more likely to be worn year-round.

My personal favorite in our store is the Rainbow Socks with Full Pride Flag, one of our best-selling Cotton Crew socks. They’re fully custom-knit socks that come in a variety of lengths and colorful styles, while coming with a “Walk the Pride” header card on the packaging. Lots of people love funky, colorful socks, and these scratch that itch.

As I’d be remiss to mention, we have far more rainbow and pride-related items for sale on our online shop! Wristbands, phone wallets, lapel pins, keychains – if you can think of a promotional product, there’s a good chance we have a rainbow variant perfect for your needs. Remember, you’ll want to order them soon!

Think Pink Sports Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Help spread the word, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And if you’re supporting a charity or local fund-raising event, we have the perfect products to help you promote your business and raise funds for breast cancer awareness. Often these fund-raisers include golf outings and other sports events. Here are just a few ideas for incorporating pink products in your next event.

Think Pink DrinkwarePink Aluminum Sports Bottle: A PBA-free water bottle is perfect for 5k fund-raising runs and walks.

Pink Foam Hockey Puck: Hockey teams at all levels can give out pink foam hockey pucks with information on breast cancer awareness.

Pink Mini Replica Baseball Bat: Bats can be sold at games or online. Neat fund-raising product for baseball teams to raise money and call attention to the cause.

Pink Boxing Gloves: Boxing promoters can use these gloves in a promotion to “punch out” a cure for breast cancer.

Pink Polo Shirt: Real men wear pink, and polo shirts are ideal gifts for October golf tournaments.

Pink Tie: Corporations big and small can provide pink ties to male employees to wear during October.

Golf Balls with Pink Ribbon: A great tee gift giveaway at golf tournaments.

Pink Mini Football: Pro, college, high school and club teams can raise awareness by selling logoed footballs or by tossing them into the crowd during halftime.

Auto Racing Kit: Includes sunscreen, pain reliever, antacid, wet naps and earplugs, all in a pink pouch. Hospitals, doctors and breast cancer awareness activists can hand the pouches out at race tracks during October races.