Product Spotlight: Custom Printed Stanley Mugs and Pelican Tumblers

Stanley QuenchersFor over a century, the Stanley stainless-steel water bottle was a favorite among blue-collar laborers and outdoorsmen; they were insulated enough to stay cold after a day in the sun, while durable enough for lifelong use. But, if you’re reading this in 2024 or beyond, that probably isn’t the demographic or lifestyle you associate with the Stanley brand. In recent years Stanley cups have exploded in popularity, riding a wave of viral marketing, health-based social media trends, and a growing interest in sustainability. TikTok became plastered with personalized Stanley collections, particularly among health-conscious young women (counter to decades of masculine marketing). This widespread, consumerist fervor skyrocketed Stanley’s revenue from $70 million in 2019 to $750 million in 2023 (source: CNBC).

Likely as a result of their overnight success, Stanley products are notorious for their scarcity. Their most popular item four-years-running, the enormous 40 oz. Quencher, is chronically out of stock. New and limited edition colorations seem to disappear from stores as soon as they arrive, with many becoming pricey collector’s items in a booming resale market. Their popularity and utility make them excellent promotional items with a custom imprint or engraving. While owning a Quencher undoubtedly comes with a certain status, Stanley isn’t the only name in the game. If you’re shopping for a stainless-steel insulated water jug that somehow fits in your cupholder, you won’t need to look too hard for quality alternatives.

A fantastic option we’d like to showcase is the 40 oz. Pelican Porter. It shares all the functionality and practicality of the Quencher, while boasting more consistent availability and 18 different color options. Here at Snap, we’re such fans of the Pelican Porter that we’ve used it for both personal use and our own self-promo. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either option. If you think your business might benefit from quality tumblers with your logo for a promotional giveaway, not only do we agree, but we’re happy to help!