Get Your Pride Promo Items Now!

Pride month is right around the corner, and now is the best time to think of ways to incorporate LGBT support and awareness in your branding. If you want your business involved in fundraisers or rallies, or are simply looking to show support for a good cause, you’ll want to order those items soon! Production on custom promo items takes time, so we at Snap Promotions recommend planning these orders well in advance. That way, you’ll have them by the time they’re most effective and relevant.

Speaking of promo items, Snap offers several high-quality pride and rainbow-themed products that are perfect for any Pride Month event or promo campaign. A popular choice is the LGBTQ+ 4″x6″ Pride Flag, which comes with a 12″ wooden pole sporting your brand’s custom design. It’s a particularly good option for rallies or parades! For something more understated, these Pride Buttons are a simple, affordable option. They’re the kind of buttons that stay fastened to backpacks and totes for years, which is pretty good mileage for a promotional item. Speaking of bags, check out our Progress Pride Laminated Fashion Tote Bag for a handy option for any pride event.

Or, might I interest you in apparel of the headgear variety? Consider these Rainbow Bucket Hats, which are reversible, breathable, and available in various pride-themed color schemes. We also offer rainbow-colored Trucker Caps, with a mesh back and stylish rainbow flat-billed visor. While flags and such are excellent for parades and other pride events, apparel like these are more likely to be worn year-round.

My personal favorite in our store is the Rainbow Socks with Full Pride Flag, one of our best-selling Cotton Crew socks. They’re fully custom-knit socks that come in a variety of lengths and colorful styles, while coming with a “Walk the Pride” header card on the packaging. Lots of people love funky, colorful socks, and these scratch that itch.

As I’d be remiss to mention, we have far more rainbow and pride-related items for sale on our online shop! Wristbands, phone wallets, lapel pins, keychains – if you can think of a promotional product, there’s a good chance we have a rainbow variant perfect for your needs. Remember, you’ll want to order them soon!