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Promotional Products Increase Trade Show Traffic

According to PPAI (Promotional Products Association International):

• 72% of trade show attendees who received a promotional product remembered the name of the company that gave them the product.

• 76% of attendees had a favorable attitude toward the company that gave them the product.

• Including a promotional product with a pre-show mailing increases the likelihood of an attendee stopping by the booth.

• As a rule, promotional products of greater value generate more sales leads than products of lower value.

Take Time to Listen

Just Shut Up and ListenWhat is the number one complaint customers make about salespeople? According to a survey conducted by the Purchasing Manager’s Association of America, it’s that salespeople talk too much and listen too little.

Poor salespeople dominate the talking. Top sales people dominate the listening.

Here are some tips for active listening:

1. Avoid distractions. Listening is best done in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

2. Interact through body language. Stay alert and interested in the conversation.

3. Don’t interrupt. Sounds easy. It’s not.

4. Don’t be afraid of silence. If you ask a question, wait for the answer. Don’t feel as if you have to fill every void in the conversation.

5. Make sure that you understand what the customer is saying. Paraphrase and repeat what the customer has said to make sure that you’re both on the same page.

6. Ask pertinent questions, and don’t be afraid to clarify.

7. Avoid arguing and stay focused.

8. Summarize points that have been made at key moments.

Your customers want to feel like they are the most important thing in your world. They deserve your undivided attention, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Promotional Ideas for Earth Day — Part Two

As Earth Day quickly approaches, we continue to look for interesting items that fit well within an eco-friendly promotional campaign. This week we’ll focus on products made from recycled content.

There are two types of recycled material available for manufacturing: post-consumer and post-manufacturing. Post-consumer is previously used material that comes directly from products such as used water bottles that have been shredded, purified and reformed into another product. Post-manufacturing material comes from scrap raw material left over from producing another product. This material otherwise would be thrown away.

Did You Know: Recycling plastic saves 70% of the energy used to create new plastic. Paper recycling saves 40% of the energy required to make a new product.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Promotional Products

Recycled Piggy Bank
A fun promotional novelty, take your pick from piggy banks made partially from retired currency, denim scraps, yellow pages or electronics.

Recycled Notebook Jotter SetRecycled Notebook Jotter Set
Take note – on recycled paper, that is! The natural, 60-page, top spiral bound mini jotter and matching pen are held neatly in a transparent snap pouch.

Recycled Duffel Bag (made from water bottles)
Carrying this black duffel will feel so natural! Eco-friendly, the overall bag is made of 90% recycled material, 80% post-consumer recycled pet, has 26″ handles, 56″ adjustable webbed shoulder strap, zip closure, and a front pocket.

Recycled 4” x 6” Photo Frame
Eco-friendly frames are as meaningful as the photos within them. This one is 4”x6” and has a hinged easel back made from recycled Kraft paper and backing board.

Recycled Messenger BagRecycled Messenger Bag (made from water bottles)
Be the messenger for going green! This black messenger bag is made of 90% recycled material, Fabric: 80% post-consumer recycled PET. The removable/adjustable webbed shoulder strap makes it easy to carry all the items you tuck into the front flap pocket with Velcro closure, zippered front pocket, side elastic pocket and side pen holders.

Recycled Sport Bag (made from recycled PET)
A bag worth sporting! Perfect for the gym, sports field or any adventure, it features a drawstring closure, front pocket, and comes in black, blue and red.

Recycled Notebook Journal SetRecycled Notebook Journal Set
Writing has never felt this natural! This eco-friendly spiral notebook, equipped with a matching pen and transparent snap pouch, is filled with 60 pages of recycled paper.

Recycled Note and Flag Set
Post it again! Made of recycled paper, this flag and note set appeals to an eco-friendly lifestyle. It comes with five colors of flags (20 each) and a 65x65mm light yellow note pad with 20 sheets.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Pencils

Encore Recycled Pens & Pencils
A great line of pens and pencils made from at least 30% post-consumer waste. These items are made from recycled denim, currency and newspapers. Get write on it.

Made from 75% recycled newspaper and 25% new paper, five colors to choose from and brass-colored ferrules with green erasers make this an ecological sound investment in our future. Easy to sharpen and splinter free. Taper reveals recycled newsprint!

Recycled Tote BagsRecycled Tote (made from water bottles)
Promote the three R’s with this eco-friendly tote! Reduce, reuse and carry around this bag made with 98% recycled material. Fabric: 80% post-consumer recycled PET. It has 26″ handles, 4″ gusset and comes in classic black or white.

Still need more ideas? Just give us a call. We’re full of them!

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Earth Day – Part One

Founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, Earth Day was created to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. On April 22nd we will celebrate another Earth Day and recognize there is still much work to be done. We continue to strive to protect our planet and our resources. We’ve been happy to watch our industry move towards utilizing more eco-friendly materials and renewable resources.

The key to sustainable resources is that they naturally replenish at a quicker pace than other resources. Good examples include products that are made from bamboo and cotton.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Promotional Products

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth. It has been clocked surging skyward as fast as 121 cm (47.6 inches) in a 24-hour period. Here are some of our favorite bamboo products:

Turkish Bamboo/Cotton RobeTurkish Bamboo/Cotton Robe
Environmentally friendly bamboo has many qualities that make it an excellent choice for fabric. More absorbent than cotton, bamboo is soft to the touch and exceptionally durable. A choice that is certain to make a lasting impression.

Bamboo Pen
Write down more ways to recycle, reduce and reuse with this eco-friendly pen! The bamboo gives it a natural feel, while the black, blue or green plastic parts are completely biodegradable.

Bamboo Keyring
The key to being eco-friendly! Give any set of keys a natural, earthy feel with this rectangular bamboo keyring.

Bamboo USB DriveBamboo USB Drive
USB drives have been among our most popular corporate gifts these last few years. And this Bamboo USB Drive is a great addition to our bamboo line of products.

Bamboo Frame and Clock
Candid – a natural moment of time! Capture that idea with this bamboo photo frame and clock. With its neutral appeal, it will look lovely anywhere you put it.

Bamboo Kitchen SetBamboo Kitchen Set
The natural way to cook! This eco-friendly, 4-piece bamboo kitchen utensil set will keep you cooking for years. It includes an FDA compliant fork, spoon, spatula, and tongs in a matching bamboo holder.

Bamboo 4-Coaster Set
Any drink will sit naturally on one of these bamboo coasters. This eco-friendly set includes 4 coasters and a matching holder.

Bamboo Card Holder
Your business cards will fit naturally in this eco-friendly, arch design desktop business card holder. It is carefully constructed from sustainable bamboo.

Bamboo BBQ SetBamboo BBQ Set
Fire up the grill and cook el natural! The utensil handles and even the case in this eco-friendly, 5-piece BBQ set are made of bamboo and steel. It includes a serrated-edge spatula with bottle opener, BBQ fork, tongs, knife, and a basting brush.

Bamboo Pen Holder
A natural look! This eco-friendly, two-tone striped desktop pen holder is made of sustainable bamboo. Your favorite writing instruments will be sure to stay secure.

Cotton is another great example of a sustainable resource. And like bamboo, there are plenty of great promotional items made from cotton.

Natural Cotton and Organic Cotton TotesNatural Cotton and Organic Cotton Totes
Lots of natural cotton and organic cotton totes available in many shapes and sizes. The Pulire Organic Cotton Tote is one of our favorites. This lovely tote has 29″ strong rope handles secured with durable metal eyelets, an extra wide 8″ gusset, and a nice black trim.

All Cotton Oven Mitts
No need to play hot potato with this oven mitt! It has a thick quilted texture and a small hanging loop for easy storage. Available in classic black, blue and red.

All Cotton Aprons
Keep clean while you whisk around the kitchen or grill! This eco-friendly indoor/outdoor apron has two front pockets, a neck strap and waist tie straps. Choose from three great colors: black, blue and red.

Cotton Canvas Messenger BagsCotton Canvas Messenger Bags
Military inspired messenger in more ways than one! Durable and eco-friendly, it has a zippered pocket on under the front flap, several more pockets with Velcro and zip closures for accessories, and a large main compartment.

Organic Cotton T-Shirts
There’s nothing more comfortable than a good cotton t-shirt. And apparel is still the most purchased of all promotional merchandise.

These are just a few of the unique and innovative earth-friendly products you can tie into your next promotional campaign. Next time we’ll talk about some great products made from recycled content!

It’s Time for Custom Corporate Gifts

Custom Corporate Gifts

With the first bit of snow falling this week in northeast Kansas, it reminds me that it’s that time of year. Yep. Time to let your customers, staff, suppliers and potential clients know how much you care. And while you’re at it, make sure you reinforce your brand in the process!

Here are just a few great ideas to get your wheels turning.

Promotional USB DrivesUSB Drives
Available in dozens of styles, USB Drives are popular and useful gifts. These drives can also be preloaded with your catalog or company information.

Puzzle Globe
This extraordinary 72-pice Puzzle Globe features a high-polish globe with matte silver world map. Use the matte silver magnetic base to remove the puzzle pieces from the globe.

Office Dirt
One of the most unique personalized gifts available – Office Dirt. Your clients will love the gift of life.

Activo Insulated TotesActivo Insulated Totes
Made by Picnic Time, these insulated totes feature multiple pockets and an expanded main storage area. Features water resistant lining and is available in several colors.

18 oz. Stainless Steel Mug with Car Warmer
Millions of Americans drink coffee. So make sure they’re drinking coffee out of mug with your logo printed on it. Features a car adapter and a temperature indicator on the handle.

Equinox Wine Sack
An insulated, single bottle wine duffel with adjustable should strap. Includes stainless steel corkscrew. Made by Picnic Time.

Bamboo Photo Frame
Utilizing bamboo saves trees and improves the atmosphere. Show that you care about the environment and your staff with these Bamboo Photo Frames. Holds a standard 4” x 6” photo.

Grill Master Traditional BBQ SetGrill Master Traditional BBQ Set
Many of us grill year round. And these are the ultimate set of tools for any Grill Master.

Deluxe Grocery Shopper
This is a durable and reusable shopping bag. Ideal for quick trips to the grocery store. These non-woven bags are eco-friendly and uber-popular.

Cotton Cinchpack
Made from 100% cotton, this cinchpack is a great value. A useful gift for people on the go.

24 oz. h2go Stainless Steel Bottle
Stainless Steel and Aluminum Water Bottles have been among our most popular promotional items this year. Tons of styles and colors available, but the h2go Balance Bottle is definitely one of our favorites.

Cutter & Buck American Classic Wine SetCutter & Buck American Classic Wine Set
Set includes stainless steel wine pourer, drip ring and wine opener in a 1-piece flap-over carrying case. Cutter & Buck branding on case and opener. Includes a 2-piece Cutter & Buck presentation box.

Bell Ornament Set
Help your customers ring in the holidays with the Bell Ornament Set. This fine holiday gift features six bells.

Popular School Spirit Items

School Spirit Items

Fall is quickly approaching. And with Fall comes time for School Spirit! The smells of tailgating. And the sounds of crazy fans at football games.

Included here are ten of our most popular School Spirit Items. These can all be custom imprinted with your team’s mascot or company logo.

1. Megaphones are excellent giveaways at games or rallies. Some are available with caps so that they can be sold filled with popcorn.

2. Sports Pennants are popular giveaways and are typically displayed with pride for many years.

3. ThunderStix Noisemakers offer an effective way for your fans to make a lot of noise. Blow them up, bang them together, and intimidate the other team.

4. Nalgene Water Bottles are our most popular drinkware items, and are great to display school spirit or for fundraisers. Other popular Sports Water Bottles include Camelbak Bottles and the very popular Aluminum Sports Bottles.

5. Football games can seem long when sitting on those hard bleachers. Make your fans comfortable with Stadium Seats and Stadium Cushions.

6. For some protection against rain, make sure you’ve got Rain Ponchos imprinted with your school’s mascot.

7. Whether you choose the dense foam footballs, plastic replica balls or authentic leather footballs, Sports Balls are ideal giveaways at rallies and other outdoor events.

8. Pep Rags and Rally Towels are great to wear, and great to wave. Available in many colors and styles.

9. How can your team ever be number one unless your fans are equipped with Foam Number One Hands.

10. Plastic Stadium Cups are perfect for concessions, and your fans will collect them.