Gotta Love Flying Monkeys!

My Flying Marketing MonkeyI used to work with a programmer who whenever the conversation turned to marketing would say “There just aren’t enough monkeys in advertising”. When one of our suppliers gave me my own Flying Monkey, I immediately thought of Randy and named my monkey the Marketing Monkey. He still sits on my desk. (The monkey, not Randy.) I take him to all of my marketing meetings. And I occasionally shoot him across the room just to hear him scream his monkey sounds.

My children have often attempted to steal my monkey.

The Flying Flingshot Monkey wears a cape that can be custom imprinted with your logo and promotional message. It includes a sound chip that when activated makes monkey sounds. And it’s stretchy arms allows it to be shot like a slingshot. It’s a great gift. Just ask me!

Click here to open the full sales literature (145kb PDF).

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  1. Bobby

    Now THAT’s a cool monkey!

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